Hi - my name is Renaee and I am a Templestowe resident. I live with my partner and teen who goes to Templestowe College, this is us pictured below, and our beloved little dog - Coco!

I retired from my job during the Pandemic in 2021 and now focus on growing food at home, simplifying my life as much as possible to save money, giving thanks for the simple pleasures of life; like being close to the beautiful Birarung River, for the abundant wildlife and bushland around me and for time to slow down, enjoy the moment and be of service. 

This website used to be a local chapter of Extinction Rebellion, hence the name xr.manningham - but now I have seen that it is too late to devote a large chunk of time to protesting and instead preparing for the unfolding climate chaos that is already upon us is my focus. I also built a website for my partner who loves to review movies, and you can find that at movie-reviews.com.au. We are all different and have different hobbies, our differences make the world interesting!

Preparing physically, emotionally and spiritually is a daily practice for me. I hold the reality of our situation front and centre in my mind. While there are times I am in adaptive inattention, in order to ‘veg out’ and forget, this time does not last long and reality comes back into focus pretty fast. I am supported and held in this via my involvement in Deep Adaptation - a global network of many thousands of people working together to enable a loving response to our predicament

I have spent a lot of time processing and understanding Ecological Overshoot and Collapse in the past couple of years, and now my urge is to reach out and connect with others close by, with the hope that there may be others locally who are on the same page. 

If this is you - please be in touch on renaeech@gmail.com and let’s make a start on working toward Adaptation and Resilience together.