The resources offered here follow a trajectory of my own awakening path with regard to the extent of the ecological crisis.

The resources provide the scientific information, but more imporantly they have the possibility of bringing about a visceral or gut level understanding if you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the experience of reading, listening or viewing these resources.

In order to Adapt to a Predicament, we first must fully comprehend it.

Living in a time of dying

For me this was the most important wake up call. After I saw this feature length documentary, made by a fellow Australian, there was no going back. From here I sought out the speakers and resources referred to in the film and continued my learning journey about Ecological Overshoot and Collapse.


Full Documentary

Message From Producers: The Documentary "Living in the Time of Dying" is now back online, after being temporarily unavailable because it was nominated in the Australian Documentary Film Festival and Internationally. 

Facing Extinction by Catherine Ingram

Catherine Ingram who lives near Byron Bay in NSW is one of the main speakers in the film and she has also recorded a 2 hour audio talk as below about Extinction and how best to prepare yourself pychologically for the coming collapse.

Catherine Ingram - facing extinction

It’s helpful to realise that most people are not ready for this conversation. They may never be ready…It’s a mystery as to who can handle the truth of our situation and who runs from it as though their sanity depended on not seeing it. - Catherine Ingram

The End of Ice by Dahr Jamail

After watching Living in a Time of Dying, this book is the best way to get a more in depth understanding of the crisis.

"Like no other book, The End of Ice offers a firsthand chronicle — including photographs throughout of Jamail on his journey across the world — of the catastrophic reality of our situation and the incalculable necessity of relishing this vulnerable, fragile planet while we still can."

The End of Ice - Dahr Jamail

Extinction Rebellion and Deep Adaptation

In the UK a movement known as Deep Adaptation has grown alongside Extinction Rebellion, intiated by Professor Jem Bendell in 2018 after the release of his academic paper called 'Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy', the most downloaded academic paper OF ALL TIME.

This talk below is one given to a group of undergraduates and provides a good summary or over view of the Deep Adaptation movement and it's intersection with Extinction Rebellion.

Also read the latest version of the Deep Adaptation Paper from Jem here, and link through to his personal website here which has links to the Deep Adaptation Forum for further resources. 

Below is a recent recording of Jem Bendell interviewing Rev Michael Dowd of Post Doom.

Post Doom

The wonderful audio recordings, meetings and resources from Michael Dowd of Post Doom. 

Bright Green Lies

I have added this resource as a way to fully comprehend (if you still had any doubts!) why "Net Zero" wont save us and how in some instances it is making the situation worse by contributing to Ecological Overshoot. 

Bright Green Lies - Trailer from Julia Barnes on Vimeo.

Australian Resources

Orgs and individuals who are collapse aware and writing and working toward a degrowth economy.

The Australian feature length documentary, website and podcast series Living in a Time of Dying (as mentioned above) is such a rich resource and Michael Shaw's interview technique is so focussed and draws out the very best of these speakers. Below are some of Michael's most recent Youtube Recordings.